Scared by the Calendar

Do you ever get look at your calendar and get scared? I feel like I’m just waiting on it to attack – 28 days in my own bed between now and the middle of July. Chel’s got about as many trips. This season is crazy – but when people in my business unit are laid off, you can’t complain about work. Job postings for training in Nashville have nearly dried up completely (I always apply for jobs when they come open – it develops interviewing skills and always keeps your name out there – and that’s not a bad thing). I blame the media for a lot of the freakout, but it is what it is. It looks like I should be busy with my current customer through July.

We were trying to schedule to be gone at alternate times so we wouldn’t have to pay for boarding the dog – but forget that. Seeing my wife is waaaayyyy more important – so I’ll pay whatever I have to for the dog to be boarded. We’re going to try to start scheduling our trips for the same weeks. We’ll see how that works.



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