So far in my short development career – I work materials and move on to my next project. I’m coming up on my 8th month with this customer, and it’s allowing me the opportunity to walk through my work being critiqued. More importantly, it’s teaching me not to respond when my work is critiqued. Reacting to criticism is a sure sign of immaturity.

This week in particular, some of the work that I put hours into developing and was later removed by the customer is being questioned. They want to know why it’s not there right now. I’m struggling with the guidelines for how much to turn over to the SME and how much to bull doze through and push my opinion. I really want to go back and blame this on my PM, but I’m the only one responsible for my work – as a matter of fact, I heard through the grapevine he was laid off. I want to go back and blame the person I had to pick up the work from, but he was also let go. I’m grateful for the opportunity to re-work the material as opposed to disappearing from the employee roster.

This probably didn’t make much sense, but there it is anyway!



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