Tribute to Louis Armstrong

Wow! We made our first trip to Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center last night. We went as guest of our new friends Abby and Glenn. It was fantastic! The building itself is amazing, when we sat down and the orchestra began tuning, I’m pretty sure I got goosebumps. Music moves me – it always has.

Last night, we attended a program that was a tribute to Louis Armstrong and New Orleans. The music was phenomenal and Byron Stripling made the trumpet sing.

I’m sad that in a facility so dedicated to amazing sound, the Schermerhorn has not set the acoustics in the room to get a good sound in the front of the room – but it was an amazing performance nonetheless. When you’re given tickets, you really shouldn’t complain!

We found some performances this summer and fall that we want to go back for.

Oh yeah…and my wife is a flippin’ HOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTIIE! Looking fine!



One thought on “Tribute to Louis Armstrong

  1. Mom

    Remember when we went to the Symphony in Pine Bluff and your Dad and Chel and I laughed the whole way through at the “Peter and the Wolf” sound of every song. You were SOOOO mad at us.

    Love you

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