Stimulus Check

Chelsea and I have talked for months about the stimulus checks. It seems like “dirty money” to us. Our government doesn’t have a couple hundred billion dollars to shell out – they’re in debt. We should be receiving the deposit sometime this week into our checking account (b/c of our social security numbers and that we had our refund directly deposited). We talked about saving it or applying towards bills, but I think we’ve settled on buying a MacBook. We have tried to avoid going into any more debt, and this money would be an awesome opportunity to buy a Mac without going into debt. Add to that the fact that we don’t actually own our own computer (we both have laptops from work) – and you see why we’d like to get one soon.

Hmmm…. What do you think and what are you doing with your stimulus checks?



4 thoughts on “Stimulus Check

  1. Lori

    I’m not sure I AM getting one.

    My big refund from Federal we used for moving. Any little bit I get from working for my old job there in AR and the state refund is pretty much pocket money for me. I use my card (with the currency exchange rate, it actually takes out a little less I think) for things like bus passes, etc.

    Does everyone get the same amount of stimulus or is it dependent on income.

    Years ago, tax payers here got a nice $400 check when Alberta got out of provincial debt. I live in a debt-free province. I didn’t know governments could go out of debt.

    I was told how that premier did it (Ralph something I think) was he raised taxes. It bit for awhile I’m sure, but now the province is out of debt. The economy still seems screwy with the housing markets, gas prices… in other words, cost of living is rising but salaries aren’t. The starting pay for most anywhere is still MUCH higher than the last amount I made in Arkansas, but still.

    That was quite the ramble!

  2. I was surprised at my check. I knew it would be smaller…but it was only $15.75. I am the type of person they are counting on to boost the economy. I work for a non-profit, and considering I live in a big, expensive city I really don’t make that much money. Good luck getting that Mac.

  3. Russ M.

    It’s not dirty money… It’s your money. this isn’t the government doing a good deed. this is a rebate check from money you’ve paid in. So breath easy and pick out a nice mac. But you know what they say… “Once you go Mac, You never go back!”

  4. drama girl

    Spend it !!! that’s what they want you to do, to help ‘stimulate’ the economy. We’re buying a load of gravel for the drive -way. Not to glamorous but very practical. Just think, we help the rock company, the guy that will load it and haul it and the environment (cause we will be stopping the erosion of our driveway),,,,,lol

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