ARC: Greg Surratt

I really enjoyed this session. Greg’s an excellent speaker who just lays it on the line – who he is – when he speaks. He’s the pastor of Seacoast Church, which has 12 campuses all over the Carolinas. He said he classified modern church history in 4 movements (please keep in mind this is my interpretation of his interpretation, lol):

1. We want revival! It’s the movement where people would speak about the presence of God falling and even see it happen sometimes (Toronto Blessing and Brownsville), but in most churches, there was no true evangelism. The revival everyone wanted seemed self-serving. Altar calls at every service.
2. Seeker-Driven. This was the Willow Creek age – very performance driven. It was during this movement that excellence really began to play a large role in planning and execution. Watch us worship God. No altar calls, no communion during services, etc.
3. Seeker-Sensitive. This is the Saddleback era. Excellence was still very important, but after you were done watching, we wanted you to eventually come with us on our journey. End with a committment prayer and dismiss, no action on decisions during services.
4. Experiential. This is when the church realizes that we live in an experience age. People can get cheaper mp3 players, but they get the iPod, they could get cheaper coffee, but they want the experience of Starbucks.

Greg was at a place where he felt like he wanted the experience. He had the experience in many different places, but not at home in his church. They changed their format to 10-15 minutes of worship upfront, followed by the message, and a response time. During the response time, they have “stations” set up: the cross for people to nail sin to, communion in another area, candles and intercession in another. They said it feels kind of like chaos, but since doing it, they’ve seen people who were skeptical about it, engage in it and thousands more are becoming a part of their house.

What do you think?



2 thoughts on “ARC: Greg Surratt

  1. Brett

    i can only say that the response time change that we did led by Pastor Greg was revolutionary at our campus. You have to see it to really understand the impact that people get from physically moving out of their seats and responding to God.

  2. Brett-

    I had a “duh” moment during this session. We all love the experiential. We love spontaneous baptisms, names written on the wall, coming to the cross, communion, lighting candles, etc. Those are the moments from our services that everyone remembers – it was amazing to hear someone say – Formalize it! Make it happen weekly! I think he was dead right.


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