Exciting Week Ahead

Okay, so church was flippin’ awesome this morning! It was Vision Sunday, so Oasis took up an offering for the vision – at last count it was well over $200,000. We were so excited that we could be a part of that experience. I think we felt more like a part this morning than ever before.

I also got a phone call from Pastor Danny, and I get to go with some other guys from the church to the ARC All Access conference this week! Wahooooo! Amazing speakers lined up, Scott Hodges, Brian Houston, Dino Rizzo, and Greg Surratt. Unfortunately, Chel doesn’t get to go. She’ll be in Utah training folks on software.

Thursday night, we’re going with our good friends, the Epps, to the Mercy Ministries 25th Anniversary Gala! They blessed us with tickets to sit at their table! It’s pretty stinkin’ exciting!

Saturday morning, I’m going with some friends to the Mercy Ministries 25th Anniversary Men’s Breakfast! Speakers/Music include Beatle’s Manager Ken Mansfield and Phil Keagy.

Sunday morning, Christine Caine is speaking at Oasis, but I’ve got to fly out to NJ! (BOOO!) Also, Israel Houghton might be leading some of the worship. I’m going to make it for worship, but I’ve got to fly out early, so I’ll have to leave.

I’ll start next week at a Train-the-Trainer, and I could use a brush-up myself, so I’m pretty excited.

Good times ahead!



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