Thanks, Bryan

This is by no means a good-bye, but just a moment to say “thanks” to a good friend of ours. Despite the craziness of the past 6 months, we wouldn’t trade a minute of this journey to Nashvegas. I think Chel and I look at each other 4 or 5 times a week and say “I love where we live.” As tough as this part of the journey can be for me, I’m also grateful for where we are in every part of our lives.

The funny but quick point of this post is to say thanks to Bryan and Dana. Bryan attended FC with us in PB, but we didn’t know him well then. He moved to Nashville and got involved with UC a couple of years later. When UC was looking for some folks to lead worship, Bryan recommended us. We didn’t want to leave home – as dissatisfied as we were about how things were going there. God told us to pick up our bags, and 3 months later, we did.

Bryan moved this past weekend to Seymour, TN. He is building a launch team for Summit Church to launch sometime this fall. I went and helped him load the U-Haul on Friday morning and then the three of us hugged and prayed. I’m so excited for their future – for what God’s going to do – but there’s just something about having some touch of FC, some touch of old friends around that I’m going to miss a lot. We didn’t get to spend much time hanging out this year, but there was just something about having them local to us.

I talked to him yesterday and they’re starting to unpack and get settled – it makes me incredibly excited for them!

Thanks, Bryan and Dana, for being an instrumental piece in bringing us into this season of our lives…



One thought on “Thanks, Bryan

  1. Your welcome (stay strong, stay strong. no cry…no cry…no cryinggggg) bwah AH AHAHAHA. boo HOO HOO HOO. We love you too man! Seriously, you have helped to remind us daily to be obedient to the Holy Spirit and our reason for wanting you in Nashvegas was pure selfishness. You guys stay in the Spirit and we know God has got awesome plans for our lives.

    BTW, these people in east Tennesse are so excited for some non-taditional, come-as-you-are, blue jean wearin’, flip-flop flingin’, coffee servin’, Holy Spirit movin’, standin-up, liftin’-up, shoutin’-out, dancin’ for the joy of the Lord Christianity….IT IS BLOWIN’ ME AWAY!

    Love you guys.

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