I know that posts on the blog have been a little sparse recently – lots going on in my head – not always appropriate for me to write about. Cool things going on:

-I’m parking cars and Chel’s greeting. It’s so weird to not be the boss at the church. That take charge part of me is God-given, but I’m pretty sure he’s teaching me that wisdom is knowing when to use it and when to shut up and follow.
-Oasis ran out of parking spots during the 2nd service, and when I say ran out – I mean ran out. They added rows of chairs all of the way to the back wall. It was awesome!
-God told us to give money on Super Sunday (Vision week for us) that’s going to be tough for us to get together. I guess that’s why they call it faith.
-Pastor Danny preached an awesome message on prosperity yesterday. I’ve always been afraid of the word – but you’ve got to love when the pastor talks about your health as much as your checkbook – OUCH!
-Did you know the seed from one apple can produce a tree which can produce upwards of 2,000 apples?
-Favorite quote from yesterday – “Most people eat their harvest when they should be planting for another harvest.”
-We’re officially members of Oasis. They brought us all on stage (I think they’ve had about 100-120 folks complete their 4-week membership track and complete their interviews in the past 3-4 months) and prayed over us and welcomed us into the house. That was one of my favorite things to do at FC. You feel like the whole church body is standing with you in those moments.
-There was a local church that took up an offering of over $200,000 this weekend to give to another church in the community that had their building destroyed by the tornadoes in February – they’ve been meeting in a barn since then.
-Oasis did Break Free and Revelation Song this weekend – incredible!
-Work is about to kill me. It’s going to be a long two weeks.
-Sometimes I’m on such a “mission” that I quit listening – that’s a dangerous place to be.
-Throneroom Worship sounds just like the kind of worship we used to have at E-Love at FC – I miss those kids.
-I’m not sure how to maintain all of the relationships in my life. We’ve got FC friends, our UC friends, and now we’re trying to build relationships at Oasis. When does the season of a relationship end? How do you keep them all up?
-Friday night is Abby and the Manly Band at the French Quarter. This lady has a range of like 4 octaves…
-Chel and I are trying to find a weekend to run home – I miss all of my FC peeps
-I just saw the announcement on swerve about the worldwide unity series (One Prayer)…it’ll be interesting to see what happens with that today. I’m sure that’s what Perry’s announcement is.



2 thoughts on “Sparse

  1. Shannon

    Here’s how you attempt to maintain all friendships…the maturer ones will still be there when you haven’t talked to them in a month…and you’ll pick up the conversation as though it never ended. Concentrate on your circle of influence…love on those folks up there and don’t worry about us down here! We love ya! That ain’t changin’!

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