SOAK is tonight!

Woohoo! SOAK is tonight, but Chel’s still going to be in Alpharetta. 😦 Just got an email from Oasis about it:

“Worship changes the worshiper into the
image of the One worshiped”

– Jack Hayford

Throughout history, great men and women have worshiped God. Moses worshiped at a burning bush, David worshiped God as he danced in the streets, Joseph worshiped his way from the pit to the palace, and Jesus worshiped from the cross to the right hand of the Father.

Worship experiences like these transform us into the person that God has called us to be. First, they transform us into being more like Jesus in the earth. In an atmosphere of worship, God can pinpoint areas in our lives that need transformation like no one else can! Second, they transform us in the area of personal development. God can inspire you, through His presence, to develop an idea, move forward in your destiny, or experience Him in a new way just by spending time with Him.

Tonight, Wednesday March 26th @ 7pm is going to be one of those experiences. Pastor Danny and Friends will be leading SOAK, the Oasis Worship and Wait Experience. We want to encourage you to come and experience God like never before. These nights are filled with miracles, inspiration, and most of all, God’s presence.

I love the idea of doing nights dedicated to honoring the Father with music dedicated to him. Good times!



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