Position for Promotion

As time passes, it seems like our purpose for being at Oasis in this season becomes more clear. Pastor Danny has asked us to take on some things we’re absolutely passionate about. I’m not sure what it will look like in 6 months – but I know it’s all about one thing – Passion for God, Compassion for People, Serving the World. Pastor Danny spoke a couple of weeks ago about the vision and how the leadership of Oasis believes we can accomplish it. It involves launching multiple campuses, expanded media, and building updates. I think we’re here to serve the church and get it positioned for promotion. I’ve heard that phrase over and over when praying for Oasis in recent weeks.

Pastor Danny believes that God has a bucket of blessings he wants to dump on Oasis, but our buckets to receive is just too small. We’re here to help that bucket become bigger. One of the tough things we learned towards the end of our role at UC was that we didn’t come to Nashville to change UpRising or its vision, we were sent to be changed. We’re really trying to take that into Oasis. We love our church! This is our way of showing our church just how much we love – finding the weak spots and help make them strong.

It’s crazy to do all of this from the back end. As much as we’ve never cared much about titles, it sure is easier when you have one. I actually love where we are – it challenges me. We’ve not been pulled on the stage and recognized as pastors – no one’s passed a mantle of spiritual authority to us here. We’re really trying to practice the principles of a 360 Leader. I even ordered an audio book today that I saw on Dave Ramsey’s site called the Question Behind the Question. I’m hoping we’ll learn tips to be even more influential within the church to help strengthen the body!

Good times…enjoying the journey…



One thought on “Position for Promotion

  1. Chels

    My friend Paul say’s ” I will VERY gladly spend and be spent for your souls”….

    Now, wonderful as I am, I’m no Paul, but this phase is the cry of my insides… Oasis, I will VERY gladly spend and be spent for you.

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