Recommended: Throneroom Worship

Listening to an older CD by Kari Jobe, Throneroom Worship. It’s a throwback to some ol’ school Enter the Worship Circle and Breakaway stuff. It’s got the strings/acoustic/jimbaye vibe and it’s flippin’ awesome. It’s one of those that might be difficult to transition into weekend worship, but it’s now on my list of personal worship CDs. I have a separate stack of CDs that moves me into deep personal worship that might not be for a corporate worship setting – at least not a weekend service.

Here are a few of the others:

Morningstar Worship (Leonard Jones)
Suzy Wills Yarei
Molly Williams
Jason Upton
Don Potter
Rick Pino
Kelanie Gloeckler


2 thoughts on “Recommended: Throneroom Worship

  1. fireball3316

    i love kelanie gloeckler and suzy wills yarei – and have just started hearing some kari jobe stuff on youtube (i live in New Zealand) so thanks for the recommendation!

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