Oasis Culture: Quotable

Just like any church, Oasis has its own very distinct culture. Here are some of the phrases you’ll hear frequently around our church (and yes, Pastor Danny is a nut for same letters and rhymes, but I remember them):

Frustration is when your expectations and experiences are polarized

Common unity develops into community

Correction is redirection

Listen through people, not just to them

Don’t be perfect, but be willing to be perfected

It’s not how high you jump, but how straight you walk when you land

Love lives to give

Team work is what makes the dream work

One of my favorites: The success of a church is not determined by its seating capacity, but by its sending capacity

Perception determines reception

What you feed your mind, you’ll become in time


2 thoughts on “Oasis Culture: Quotable

  1. Lori

    One of the ones I’ve heard from Bro Bill that always floats about in my head, “If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll never be ready.” It’s a situational quote, but I do always think of that when I’m hesitant about something. Am I waiting because it needs more thought or just because of fear.

    And of course the phrase BK burned into everyone’s mind, “It’s not about you.”

    And then a few I learned from Bobby, “Get over it,” and others that helped me be less of a nervous nelly than I used to be.

    People in that church have blessed me so much. I don’t think I remember every person or every moment, but I do know that the people I met in that church have touched my life in ways I don’t think will ever happen again.

    But then again, maybe because of that time, I am strong enough to not need that right now. Or at least it’s ok that those relationships are long-distance, kept alive by internet.

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