Michael Buble

What a character! The ladies love him and he knows it. The show was hilarious, though definitely PG-13 at times.

The band sounded awesome – I love a good horn section. A video from last night is already up on YouTube from somebody.

One of Buble’s goals is to have an intimate show, and somehow I really believe he’s able to pull that off. He’s constantly making eye contact across the crowd and smiling and winking. I doubt he can see anyone, but he sure makes you believe it. His end to the show was absolutely brilliant to help achieve the effect – kill the band and put down the microphone. I think it was probably on the floor in front of him so you could hear it a little through the system, but the man belted his heart out and we could hear it – it was shear brilliance to cap off his “intimate” concert.

Also got to give some recognition to Naturally 7. They performed before Buble last night – they don’t call it Accapella, they call it vocal play – they have assigned roles, drums, bass, dj, mc, electric, vocal. The bass was phenomenal last night when they sang. Here’s a sample:

We had a great time!



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