I love to say that word. You know, some word are just fun to say. Superfluous is another one – I use it a lot at work.

Back to the point, this week was kind of nerve-racking for me. We’re organized into teams/offices which work for business units, who work in groups under a Sr. VP. I have a new boss (I wrote about recently) that I really enjoy working with. This week was a big week for me because I had meetings that I had to lead (without knowing in advance I would be leading) that had my boss’s boss, and my boss’s boss’s boss (LOL) in them. You know, there are the guys who might excuse me from employment after a meeting where I make the company look bad.

This group is not a group for pats-on-the-back (could it be generational?). I like pats-on-the-back for my own self-worth, but more than that, I like to know that I’m going the right direction. I was soooooo very nervous about the meetings, and then when I got nominated to guide the discussion (though everyone didn’t wait on me to talk – which I’ve learned through listening to Maxwell means I wasn’t really the leader in the room) at the last minute, it got worse. However, at the end of the day, my boss’s boss handed me a business card and told me that working with me had been interesting and to let him know if I ever needed anything. Okay, that was pretty cool – then he left and my boss’s boss came in town. He sat quiet through the meetings (building more and more tension for me – I have a need for response, either positive or negative), but he made some jokes before dinner last night about him thinking I wanted his job (I answered with a simple, “nope, too much travel for me.”) Evidently, they’ve been talking about me – especially the differences in me because of my generation.

At the end of the day, I think I may have established some credibility within our BU. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with any senior mgmt – they’re usually putting out fires. This week, I got to help put out the fire, and I think it may have helped my visibility with them. There’s no doubt that they think at moments that I’m a young whiper-snapper, but I am. I’ve got to work to build my knowledge of the petrol industry and more training techniques. I’ve made no bones about my desire to get into OD, but no opportunities have opened up for now (at least not as a career – more on that later), so I’ve got to continue to work to be better at what I do.

For now, I’m home and trying to iron out these courses to bring them up to standard…



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