Awesome Service, Awesome Lunch

Another great weekend at Oasis. The set for this series, If Trees Could Talk, was phenomenal…how about a gigantic tree in the middle of the stage – sure. The lighting always blows me away. The first song was hard to follow rhythmically and melodically, but the other two were awesome – Pastor Danny led Inside Out. Since Lisa’s in town this weekend, we were hoping he’d lead one – and he didn’t disappoint – but neither did the HS. I think there were about 20 folks in the 2nd service making a salvation decision and about 60-75 folks starting the steps into joining to be a part of the Oasis family.

We also had lunch schedule with Pastor Danny/Pastor Jillian after the service. We had a great conversation about some awesome things, but I’ll have to share more about that later.

The funniest part would have to be when Pastor Jillian had to leave, so we would take Pastor Danny back to the church. I shuddered, Chelsea smirked. Since I was in college, I’ve always done a TERRIBLE job keeping my car clean – I mean TERRIBLE. Not after today – I was SO embarrassed and Chelsea felt soooo vindicated. 🙂 A few months ago I posted that Israel Houghton lived in our apartments – not so. Israel lived down the road, but Lincoln Brewster did live here. He was on staff at Oasis a while back. My jaw hit the floor as pastor told me that he introduced Israel and Cindy (then) Cruze. You know, the worship leader for Lakewood. Pastor Danny doesn’t brag about it, but he’s got crazy connections all over the place.

List all of the famous folks you’ve met and I don’t get too excited, but list the anointed folks and I can’t help but giggle like a… well you know. Anyway, I’m still not sure what all the Lord brought us to Oasis for, but I sure am enjoying it.


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