Thanks, Mike

Last night was a sad night. Huck dropped out of the race. Yes, it was the right decision, but sad nonetheless. Here’s my response to my friend Mike:


I want to say thank you. I wouldn’t change a thing about the past couple of months. I never saw myself getting involved in campaigning, but the more you talked, the more we believed in you. We made phone calls, went to rallys, and gave what money we could. I finally realized the importance of primaries – and you became my hope.

My wife called me very upset this morning when she found out you withdrew last night. We applaud your decision, however we’re sad that it had to happen.

You, Mike, offer us something new. You have an understanding of federal/state rights. You’re fiscally responsible, yet you want to take a stand to help the downtrodden. I hope that you will continue to be an influence on the GOP. We must turn a corner, not to do everything differently, but to change our course on some policies. The GOP wanted you out of the way, but you kept fighting for us, Governor, you fought for ME and MY FAMILY! Thank you!

I agree, it is not yet – and when the time comes, we will stand behind you then as well – in whatever move you make.

My wife and I will find someway to meet you someday so we can shake your hand and say “thank you.” Thank you for fighting for us. Thank you for giving me hope about politics. Thank you for standing when the evangelicals didn’t stand with you, and eventually when they did. Thank you for getting me involved in campaigning and taking ownership of the democratic process. Thank you for teaching me why a primary is important. Thank you for loving our nation enough that you would sacrifice years of your life to influence policies and people. Thank you for fighting for the fair tax and bringing it into the light. Thanks for fighting for values. Thank you for being you.

Mike, from someone who grew up in the state you governed, thanks for setting an example for me for all of my life of a Godly man who could influence millions of people in a secular format.


Matthew & Chelsea Daniel


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