Worship Rocked!

Worship at Oasis ROCKED this weekend! It’s awesome every week, but they pulled out some we did at UC and we were flippin’ pumped! They started with Break Free! Woooooooo! (He sings in his head – So won’t you break free, won’t you break free and get up and dance in his love). Followed that up with Say So (I used to think this was a really cheesy shallow song – I’ve seen it in a completely different light recently) and finished up with a thunderous version of Revelation Song. The songs of the people in the worship center was louder than what the PA could put out – people were singing new songs all over the place – it was so encouraging.

Once again, the message was awesome. Pastor Danny outlined the vision for the church – and Chel and I immediately started processing through how we could serve and what we could sacrifice to see the vision come to pass!

No wonder Oasis is growing by like 100 folks every weekend!


One thought on “Worship Rocked!

  1. Amen and Amen! It was awesome seeing you and Chels out last night! Thank you for so much love and I am glad that you came to Oasis to become my “Other Children! ” Hugs and Giggles and see you on Sunday!

    In Christ,


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