Why I have the Coolest Wife in the Whole World…

Yesterday after an amazing service at church, we went to Calypso Cafe. I’m not too crazy about the place – evidently I don’t like Carribean seasoning, but I digress – as we were checking out of the cafe we saw a picture of a man above it read “Do you know this man” and someone had hand written “Pastor Jerry” on the sheet. Chel asked the girl behind the counter what he had done and this was the story:

“He came in and told the chick at the cash register that he had locked himself out of his house and he needed to borrow $70 for a couple of hours to get his house unlocked and he would come back that evening to pay. He said his name was Pastor Jerry and he worked at BCC (a local church that he evidently didn’t work for). He returned a couple of hours later, but not to repay it – to ask for $30 more which the new chick at the register refused to give. He left and no one’s seen him since.”

That same twinge came to our stomachs. Here’s this cafe with a bunch Rastafarians (I don’t know if they really are – but you definitely get that impression) and a man claiming to be a Pastor stole money from them. Why? There are plenty of pastors out there who’ve done enough damage to the name of Christ – why here? We said we were sorry to hear about that and we got in the car – but of course, the Holy Spirit (HS) wouldn’t leave Chel alone about it. We drove a quarter of a mile to the ATM and pulled out the cash and returned to the cafe.

Chel went in and gave her the money and said something close to this:

“The Lord told me to come repay that man’s debt to you and to let you know that those actions aren’t his character. Our God is a God of abundance – he doesn’t need to steal anything from any man.” Of course it was much more eloquent than I can write, but the girl refused and Chel told her it wasn’t an option. The girl started tearing up and came around the counter and gave Chel a hug and told her about how she had restored her faith in humanity – Chel said (man, she’s incredible) “I hope this is able to do more than restore your faith in humanity – I hope it restores your faith in God.”

My wife is the COOLEST!



4 thoughts on “Why I have the Coolest Wife in the Whole World…

  1. Robin

    You go Chels! I love that…so cool. I wish I could have been there to hear it going on, I got teared up just reading it. Something kind of like that happened to Brent and I with a guy and some money and gas and God came out the winner in it too. Thanks for sharing that, makes me smile!

  2. drama girl

    Thank you Chelsea for being an active, obedient believer. Because you choose to walk out what you believe, that waitress will eventually seek out the God you serve so beautifully. My prayer for you is that you will receive all that you sacrificed and 100 times more.
    love ya D.

  3. Mom

    That’s my girl! And that’s why God is continuing to pour out financial blessings on your household. Keep up the faith and walking it out.

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