Man – we had an awesome group on Saturday night. We were rushing out of a wedding (more about that later) and we made it in time to grab a snack and meet some people (we had to miss the first two groups, and some others have missed the last two). There were about 8 folks we didn’t know from the church – but evidently everyone knew who we were from the way we worship (which is why we sit in the front – not to be seen, but so that we don’t let the way everyone else worships affect the way we worship – I started doing that when I was in Jr. High).

We had a great discussion on praying together – which I’ll say is something that really challenged me. They really addressed the unity of the marriage relationship and how the two bound together in prayer is really a force to be reckoned with. They specifically addressed praying protection over each other and fighting spiritually for each other. It’s already changed with way I pray for Chelsea in the past two days.

After all of the discussion, the group took a couple of minutes to pray – and when I say pray – I mean they encircled us, laid hands, and I can’t tell you how encouraged we left group on Saturday night. The last time we experienced that was one of our trips to FC when Bro. Bill pulled us up and the elders came and prayed over us. GOOD TIMES!

Then we had the opportunity to pray over some other folks in the group – man – I came out of there in such a great mood – loving our church even more.


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