Getting Stuff Out of People Who Serve With You

Yeah, it doesn’t sound pretty, does it? John Maxwell says, they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. It looks a little different too me…

You’ve got to be more interested in people than in what they can do for you.

I’ve seen many ministers court their large tithers – worship pastors who only call when it’s time to make the schedule. Make no mistake, they see right through you. In all honesty, it’s like sweet talking a girl so you can get in her pants – it’s the same concept. To every pastor out there – don’t feel the need to be every person’s best friend – but do feel obligated to care more about them than what they can give to you.

We’re called to love agape – you know, without restraint and without qualification. Every person who worked for me knew that I was more interested in their personal development than in getting my 8 hours out of them. When I expressed my interest in them as people – I always got 8+ out of them.

Do you love the people who serve with you?


3 thoughts on “Getting Stuff Out of People Who Serve With You

  1. That was it, perfectly, about you and BK (and your respective wives).

    I felt that we could hang out as friends outside of serving.

    It’s so much easier to work with someone whose a friend.

    Like my boss, Julie (still working for her in AR).

    Today she said she was talking to me… by typing and driving at the same time.

    I used my friend card and scolded her and said people can wait until she’s done driving. 😀

  2. Mom

    And to Lori I say. You are my friend and I hope Canada is treating you as well. Thanks for all you did to make our lives easier. It was a joy serving with you.

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