Divine Apointments

You never know who you might sit by on the plane.

I was having a deep moment in the airport last night thinking about my dreams, about how they seem unfocused and like I don’t know how to take steps to begin achieving them – thus the Dreams post yesterday, and then I sat down on the plane next to Sharon – a trainer who focuses on transition and leadership development. God knew exactly what I needed to hear last night and sent her to me.

I feel like I don’t have a mentor. My first year of employment I had Kris and Cassie – and those two ladies pushed me and loved me more than I can describe. They started me on a path to what I wanted, but I’ve been making the rest of the journey by myself (Good thing Cassie taught me how important it was that God be in the middle of every business decision).

Last night, I found a woman that I could listen to for hours. She’s been a trainer for over 30 years – and she listened and spoke directly to so many of the things that I’ve been dealing with.

Training is an industry that has many focuses, and my company has not encouraged any one focus – just meeting the demands of the individual contracts – but that’s also why our turnover rate is through the roof. The two managers I’ve had who have encouraged a focus have gotten much loyalty out of me – they want to bring out the best in me and we all can benefit from it. The point is, I think I finally know where my niche in training is – Organizational Development. My struggle has always been that I don’t know how to make the OD and ministry work at the same time – and Sharon encouraged me to realize just how much they should co-exist.

So here’s what I think my dream is: to do OD in the church. So what does that look like in a practical manner – I don’t know. Churches rarely bring in consultants and businesses rarely want pastors – but I’m convinced they can co-exist. I have no idea what it will look like – but I know that I’m about to start focusing my energy on bringing more of my life into that alignment – more books, more seminars/meetings, a job that’s going to lead me further into the field, and possibly working on my master’s degree.

My time with Sharon was so important to me. There are few things as fulfilling to me as helping someone find their purpose and plan how they’re going to get there – but I’ve struggled with mine. It’s time to start praying diligently through this, making lists, and start working towards achieving those lists.

Thanks Sharon!



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