The Power of Dreaming

I never want to stop being a dreamer. My dad set me up for that…he always pushed me to “dream God-sized dreams that only He could fulfill.” There are times in life when people and things can steal you dreams right away from you, and as Pastor Danny says, “you become the actor on someone else’s stage in a play you didn’t write.”

Recently, I’ve been dreaming a lot again – dreaming about my family, about traveling, about ministry, about my job…

I feel like I have two separate dreams I’ve got to keep on me at all times – the professional and the ministry. Lots of days it seems like FT ministry will never happen. I think I would be okay if that’s what the Lord said, but I think that’s my ultimate dream job. Of course you get kicked in the nads on a regular basis, but you get paid to love people and minister – it just doesn’t get better than that for me. The other part of me dreams about my professional life. I really could care less to climb the ladder. I would just for the opportunity to manage people – I love taking care of people and leading them in the workplace or church, but these days I think a lot about working for myself as a consultant. Unfortunately, my dreams just can’t carry me there – the practical side of me reminds me of my age and lack of experience and to take advantage of my employment to build skills for later in life, and the other part wants to take the risk, land the first contract, and quit working for “the man.” 🙂

I think consulting is the most attractive to me because it means new customers, new faces, new processes all of the time. I grow bored after 4 or 5 months on a project – it gets too monotonous for me. I want to work in organizational development and leadership development – but with the economy in the position it’s in right now (it’s been a bad month to start investing in my 401K, so far I’ve successfully managed to lose about $15), people get tight – especially on training. Training is always the first cut from budgets…but I guess all of that leads me back to this – I’ve got to allow myself to dream, and ask God which dream I’m supposed to pursue…

For the journey…



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