Seating Choice

For those of you who travel often, you know seating in an airport is strategic – space between us, how near children are, how near power outlets are, can you hear the speakers and gate agents when they talk amongst themselves. Because so many flights or delayed or canceled, the terminal is PACKED. There’s not room to sit on the floor, much less the chairs. I’m between terminals with three seats to myself – enjoying people watching, finishing up my expense report, listening to Jason Upton remind me what it’s all about…

One note, I picked a bad place for one reason – I’m next to the international terminal, so I’m listening call for people making trips to London and Paris every 5 minutes. I’m a dreamer – always. Chelsea and I started talking a couple of weeks ago about making a trip to Paris or to London. I still want to go back to the rolling hills and staggering cliffs of Ireland, but a trip out of the country is extremely attractive to me right now. I’m trying to tell myself that our tax refund is a good start to a downpayment for a house – when that time comes.



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