Safety, Safety, Safety

You’d be amazed how much detail goes into a safety course for a refinery. It’s no secret that this equipment can be incredibly dangerous to work on, but oil companies take amazing steps to follow environmental guidelines and encourage a culture of safety within the refinery. I’m tired of traveling, but I’ve learned a ton on this project.

I’ve got to find a job that’s not going to have me away from home all of the time. Hopefully this project is the end of this immense amount of travel, but some part of me doubts it – so it’s time to get serious about a job hunt in case things don’t change. If you’re looking for a trainer, let me know…



3 thoughts on “Safety, Safety, Safety

  1. Lori Tinkler

    Larry has 2 semesters left and he will have his degree in occuational safety. He is learning all of those safety & environmental procedures you are talking about!! He’ll be looking for a job too! Good luck!!

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