Put Your Dancin’ Shoes On!

I completely forgot to post something! Chel and I took dance lessons the summer leading to us moving to Nash. I thought I would hate it and was just going to do it for Chel (I’m still not as excited about it as she is), but I had a great time. We haven’t danced much since then!

This Saturday night we’re going to a Big Band “Jump, Jive and Swing” dance on Saturday night with our connect group at Oasis. I’m not sure if I remember much of it – and I’ve learned that trying to dance can be fun and romantic one minute then cause arguments the next – but I’m looking forward to it. They’re having a short lesson ahead of time! $10/piece…you just can’t beat that!


2 thoughts on “Put Your Dancin’ Shoes On!

  1. Tawni and I have a class schedules with National Dance Club on March 6th. We met them at the Valentines Day Dance at the Al Menah Shriner’s Temple. We’re really exicted. I took ballroom dance class in college, but it left me with 4 left feet.


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