I Love My Church!

For any of you who work at a church – you can attest to the fact that sometimes ministry can feel like work – and sometimes attending church can feel like work. We’re at a refreshing place of being able to truly enjoy our church.

Pastor Jill taught this weekend – and as always, she truly delivered. I forgot my journal in my car this morning at the airport, so I’ll share the rest of the highlights with you later this week, but I loved this line she used:

Correction is redirection
. At least it should be. Most people correct out of one of two thing: redirection (teaching and leading), or control. I was recently reading in Proverbs that the wise love correction. Sometimes it’s hard, but I try to love it. I know that there have been many days that I corrected out of control rather than redirection.

Every leader out there – do you correct? If not, you’re short-changing your people! And to those who do correct, are you doing it out of love and redirection, or from a desire to control.


P.S. It was also pretty cool to see Melinda Doolittle at church this weekend!


2 thoughts on “I Love My Church!

  1. Hey bro this is Chad. Man, I haven’t really been keeping my blog updated lately lol. But I’m trying. Its hard to write everything that God is doing right now on one site lol. Anyway, i love ya bro!

  2. Robin

    Melinda Doolittle! I loved her, next time you see her tell her that your friend voted for her many times every time she was on. Miss you guys!

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