This Can Make for a Long Day

Too much negative junk on in my mind right now, how about something positive.. My first flight was canceled, and my next flight is pushed back two hours, for a grand total of 6 hours worth of delays. I’m ready to get home, but the general atmosphere at the airport tonight is rather friendly. I’m usually in such a rush to get to and out of the airport that I’m sure I don’t smile at people near enough – so my goal has been to be incredibly thankful to the poor ladies behind the counters. The rebooking line is about 100 deep, so I’m sure they’re much more miserable than I could ever imagine. It’s been a long week and an even longer day, but I found an outlet, I’m propped up on a cooler with my laptop on a chair – I’m comfortable and have something to do, so the time should pass quickly – and then, home to my beautiful wife and a weekend full of fun with my parents!



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