Sweet Spot

Work’s been tough, but that’s not been near as overwhelming as that recurring thought that I’m not operating in my sweet spot. Actually, I do a pretty good job at what I do, I’ve even been given a Senior position and most PMs give me a lot of opportunity to voice opinion and set direction for contracts, but it’s not what I love to do. I got to have a good conversation with my supervisor today about not playing to my strengths. I have two major strengths – teaching and people.

I love to be in the classroom. I work for months to develop courses that I will never deliver, or even see delivered. That drives me nuts! I always think about the thought that at least it’s making an impact on the lives of others, but I want to see it face to face. After the conversation, he offered to let me teach a course! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! I have a very dear friend at my company that lost his job this week for my company – not because he was a poor performer (he has a doctorate in education and decades of experience), but because he wasn’t given the opportunity to operate in his sweet spot (which could have benefited our company as well), he wasn’t able to “hang.” I’m gonna miss that guy!

I’ve looked desperately for jobs, but God has me at my company for a reason – nothing else will open up – no matter how hard I try to force it – it’s looks like God wants me to enjoy my journey again – DANG! I have an opportunity to train with my company on a contract for the next 16 years (that’s a LONG time when you work contract to contract), but I’m not looking to move to Lexington! It was cool that my supervisor thought of me when he heard about the position.

I really want to be in full-time ministry, but the Lord has got us preparing for that, so I’m trying to figure out what he wants us to learn in this stage of the journey.


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