3 Weeks

That’s how long we officially have left on this contract. There’s a chance I’ll have to do some more work on this contract, but it should be items I can handle from Pine Bluff. I’m seriously wearing down – I feel absolutely exhausted, and the travel only exasperates the feeling. I’m ready to come home. I’m ready to stay home.

I fly out tomorrow on my normal flight, and the exciting news is that my parents should be pulling into the apartment about the same time. We were hoping to go to Arkansas in February, but with my traveling and Chel about to start traveling for work, we decided it’s best to stay home – so Mom and Dad are coming to us. I called and told my mom that I need her, and there’s no way they could stay away.

We’ve got tons of stuff to do around this apartment this weekend. We’ve got stuff that’s been sitting in our room for 6 months waiting on my mom to help us hang it (she’s the expert). We’re also hoping to find a dresser this weekend we can stain to match our bedroom and move our bedroom furniture into the room it matches so I can finally stop keeping my clothes on the floor of my closet. (I’m sure I just lost half my readers with that boring description of our furniture, lol! Sorry!)


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