I’ve had the opportunity to attend conferences and worship the King with many people. There’s just something different about some worship leaders – many times in the charismatic realm, we call it “the anointing.” Worship at Oasis is powerful every time we’re there, but when Pastor Danny takes the mic to lead worship, there’s just something different about it. I’m sure he can work a crowd just like any good musician, but there’s something more to it – wherever he leads in worship, I want to go. He asks something out of the worshippers and they respond. My dad always had the same ability at FC. They’re great vocalists with great voices – but there’s something more…

When I started leading worship for our youth group when I was 16, I’d ask my dad afterwards how it went, and each week he’d respond with one thing, “son, you need to go home and pray for an anointing to lead others in worship.” Each week I would spend dedicated time before the Lord begging for his touch on what I did. Over time, things began to change. There was definitely a change in my maturity and ability to lead – but there was something so much more. Chel says it best…it’s when we practice and prepare and come in on Sunday morning and look to the heavens and declare “I’ve got nothing Lord.” Every bit of practice, the best we could offer, was nothing – we needed His touch on it.

We’ve all been in places where there were great musicians and great songs, but there was something else missing. Over the years, I’ve begun to realize I don’t have much musical talent to offer when I lead worship. No one would buy tickets to a show that I was doing – but I can facilitate worship in a room and direct our songs to heaven. There’s something special about some worship leaders – they’re not just singing great songs, they lead you straight into the manifest presence of God. I want to experience the presence of the Living God – to sing to Him face to face, not just about Him from afar. I want to meet with Him like Moses met Him in the tent of meeting. I could care less to have church to please man – I want to have a corporate worship session that God Himself responds to with His presence – and we all know that there’s a difference between the two.

To my worship leading friends out there and to those who serve in different positions, don’t get so wrapped up in preparing and doing that you forget to tell God that you want to meet with Him. Not a simple prayer of “God, I need your help,” but one of “God, we need to KNOW you today.” You’ll find something about the way you lead others will change…


4 thoughts on “Anointing

  1. megan

    hey there guys!!
    i am going to IMB training for north Africa. will be there for a couple of months. great to see your blog!
    yee haw!
    🙂 mjc

  2. Jenny Hudson

    this makes me think of the time i lived with you guys and made you say over and over “i am anointed to lead worship” or something along those lines. then i made you sing watermark’s friend song to learn control in your voice. then it takes me into big bites and listening to the hungry cd really loud when your folks were gone…oh to be young again…

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