My Wife is Amazing


We had a fat, amazing dinner with friends last night! After dinner, we had a conversation about what my wife is doing at work right now and I just want to take this time to say she’s amazing. I talk about what’s going on at work all the time – the good, the bad – all of it. Chel’s not like that – she talks very little about what she’s doing at work, so getting to hear her last night was amazing.

Let’s start here: my wife amazes me for a number of reasons, but to sum it all up – her obedience to the Lord is what blows me away the most. She keeps me in line on a regular basis – challenging me to think like Christ. She’s not crazy about working – she never has been. It’s not that she’s lazy and just wants to sit at home, she just gets frustrated because her desire since we were 16 and started dating was to be in full-time ministry. We both dream about the day that we can do full time ministry together. She recently stepped into a challenging position at work, but she’s stepped in, grabbed the bull by the horns and she’s doing a great job (she won’t tell you that, but I know she is). While she likes what she does, she dreams day-in and day-out of being able to teach the Word and minister together. She has a dream that the Lord gave her, but she hasn’t been afraid to get out and fill in the gaps by working in the mean time.

She’s a fighter. She’s unique, and she’s managed to maintain “being Chelsea” even in a job in the banking sector (I’ve heard banking tends to suck the personality right out of you). She goes to her job, loves on people, ministers there when she gets a chance, does her job (very well), and after all of that, she comes home and we go spend time loving on people at night! They just don’t come better that Chelsea! Watching her right now is challenging me both as a professional and as the leader of my home. She is amazing!

I love you!


3 thoughts on “My Wife is Amazing

  1. Hi,
    This post made it for me. Yes your wife is amazing and it makes us remind ourselves how amazing ours are too. What you encouraged us to do is in itself God’s will for us (1 Thessalonion 5:17-18).

    BTW, thanks for dropping by my blog. Pastor Danny is such a blessing even though he’s miles away and I have never met him – Rags

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