Defining the Objective

I typically write about the things that drive me nuts about the company that I work for, so I figured it was time for a positive. Here it is: setting objectives.

Everything at my company is organized around objectives. At each review cycle (yearly anniversary), we’re given a review based on objectives set the previous year. When you hire on, your objectives are set by your supervisor – the longer you’re with the company, the more input you’re expected to have in setting your objectives. I pull out my objectives a minimum of once a month to review my progress against them – “if I were graded today, would I receive ‘did not meet expectations,’ ‘met expectations,’ or ‘exceeded expectations.'” Your pay is based on how well you do on those objectives. When I was in an office, my boss would let me know what I could expect based on contract profitability and overall corporate goals. It wasn’t a secret, but we also knew if the contract changed, that our supervisor wasn’t held to what she said. I would never be surprised by a bad review, because I knew exactly what I was being measured by.

I wish more churches would do that. Even for non-paying positions… do the people who serve with you know what your Vision is, what goals correspond to that vision, and have you set objectives for them based on those goals? Pastor Danny uses a phrase a lot that reminds me of working at a church: “EVER STRIVING AND NEVER ARRIVING.” It’s no secret that things can change quickly, but that should be the exception, not the rule. Unfortunately, most churches don’t set objectives for employees/volunteers so they can be non-committal about raises/bonuses, rewards, changes, etc.

One more thought that corresponds to this thought process – no one should ever be surprised when they’re fired – it they are, then they’ve got a poor manager who was more interested in cutting someone loose than helping someone grow. The job of the church is reconciliation – not barring people from ministry leadership positions.

Has your employer set objectives for you? Has your ministry leader set defined objectives for you?


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