Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

I told myself I wouldn’t go here, but it’s just that important to me. If you’re anything like me, you like the values that the republican candidates stand for, but want someone who’s not paid off by big-business, ruled by the wealthy, and who has a vision for people – if you’ve ever said any of those things, then put your money where your mouth is.

Why do Primaries Matter?
Chelsea and I always said we wished that we could pick a candidate for more than their stand on abortion and homosexual marriage – that we wanted to vote for someone who was committed to addressing our economy, our foreign policy, our tax system. This year is when I finally realized that everyone has that right – it’s called the primary. If you’re voting Republican, you’ll have the option for 3 or more candidates with like views on values issues but different views of big business, economy, health care, and foreign policy. At the end of the day, this election will come down to two candidates, just like most other elections. Many of you will vote, but you’ll wait till the November election to vote when you’re given a choice between supporting a pro-abortion, pro-“diversity”, pro-gun control, pro-big government candidate and the opposite. As Christians, it seems as though we have an obligation to vote against the “bad” candidate, no matter how we feel about the “good” candidate – that’s the purpose of primaries. You can choose who that “good candidate will be in just a couple of more days – FEBRUARY 5TH! VOTE!!!

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth IS!!!!
If you don’t want a big business candidate – then you’re going to have to send him money yourself. You can’t wait for someone else to come through and give it away. Chelsea and I have followed through during this election by contributing a couple of hundred dollars so far. If you want to help Darfur – give money, if you want to help the aids epidimic, give money! Quit running your mouth about how your government should help those people – your government doesn’t have enough money to keep itself afloat. I don’t go into debt to give gifts to family just to save face, and neither should our government. If you want to see more homeless programs, give to the Nashville Rescue Mission. If you want your church to invest in new technology – GIVE UP THE MONEY! Don’t hold on so tight to it – I promise, it’s not worth it. I am truly amazed that as Chelsea and I have taken steps to give money away to multiple causes, it has been returned to us by the Lord in amazing ways.

That’s my rant for the day! If you believe in Mike Huckabee, don’t just pray for him, start sending money his way. Super Tuesday is when dozens of states will select their delegates for the Republican Convention. Most likely, the first round of heavy politics will be over on that day – we’ll have a pretty good idea of who the Republican Candidate will be. If you think Huckabee is the guy, it won’t happen by accident, you’re going to have to email friends, give money, get informed, vote, and advertise for him. To do the advertising the campaign wants, they need $10M by Super Tuesday. Will you care, will you vote, will you give?


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