Back and Forth

It’s been a tough week in NJ. I started with a Monday meeting about how terrible the materials were even though the customer had signed off on the courses along the way. I have to fly back in next week just to discuss those courses – Yuck! The good news is that I’ve been able to make some headway on my other courses – there’s nothing like face to face interactions. When you’re not on site, you tend to rely on email and phone calls to connect with SMEs. This week I’ve worked to ensure face-to-face meeting with my SMEs (subject matter experts). SMEs tend to be difficult – they’re rarely compensated for their extra work (or even recognized for it). Many times SMEs are worried that you want to change what they’ve done for years – or that you’re trying to take their jobs away from them.

Alright, back to the surface for those of you who were having a hard time breathing in the deep end. The point is – it looks like i’m going to be back here at least three times more before this contract wraps up. The quandry I’m in is this – I need face-to-face time with customers, but I need it more with my wife (who’s gotten a promotion at work while I’ve been away). I’m going home tomorrow! Yay! Then, off to Seymour on Saturday to lead worship for a church pre-launch/vision casting meeting for our friends Bryan and Dana McKnight. We’ll get home late Sunday night and then back out to NJ on Monday morning. I hope this is just a phase I’m in with work…



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