We WON!!!

Okay, so Mike won! I loved his speech – it was so inclusive. He believes in the same values I do, but his goal is to lead a united America looking to the future! I’m waiting for Fox17 to come on. Chel and I were interviewed…maybe we’ll be on.

We attended a Meetup Event – just another example of the efficiency of Web 2.0. Thank you to the organizers for bringing us together. I hope we see some of Thompson’s Tennessee fans convert after this vote. Our meetup group will meet again on February 5th after we all VOTE!



2 thoughts on “We WON!!!

  1. I posted once and lost my connection, so if you get two I’m not a spammer.

    I would disagree with you that I hope Fred Thompson’s supporters join us in support of John McCain for President.

    I like your guy Huck, but I don’t think he can even come close to beating Hillary. With that in mind, I have to join those supporting John McCain whom i think can beat Hillary.

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