So What’s He All About

I’ve heard two things a lot recently so I thought I would address both:

1. People who don’t want to have anything to do with politics. If you choose not to have an effect on your government through being involved in the political process – SHUT UP! Please don’t discourage others! We need to encourage every child growing up and every adult already able – to vote! Not just vote on the president, vote in local elections, vote on state constitutional amendments! That’s a right! More than it’s a right – it’s your duty. Please, whatever you do – be informed. Research the issues. You may choose to vote whomever your party selects – but at least know what their platform is! We’ve all heard it before, but my time recently with a political refugee from Venezuela has made me realize just how much I should value my voting right. He had to leave Venezuela for fear of his life for expressing different political opinions and rallying. Are you using the right you’ve been given – in an informed way?

2. I’m Pro-Huckabee. Despite the recent, extremely dishonest attacks by the Romney campaign – Huckabee’s integrity stands strong. You can know what to expect when he’s elected. Some of you have questions about where he stands on issues, you can find it here. Do your research! If you don’t like Huckabee, find the candidate you do support and vote! My guy may lose, your guy may lose, but at least we’ll make our voice heard. Tennessee’s primaries are next month! If you want to sit down and talk about it, let me know. I’m not a Huck expert, but I’ll tell you what I know about him.


P.S. He’s awesome! He just got finished playing bass on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!



One thought on “So What’s He All About

  1. Yea, I kinda just scan over your political posts. No offense. I like your passion for things. Go for it. 😀

    I never liked politics, but I also never really complained about it, so -shrug-

    I tried to care enough to do my patriotic duty, but that’s kind of moot now. I still hope the States prosper, but I’m sort of relieved I kinda have an excuse not to really bother with it.

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