Attack of the Allergies

Our allergies are on the attack at the Daniel house. Chelsea went to bed at 7:30 last night. We didn’t “feel” like going to church on Sunday – and I’m pretty sure we could have had a pretty decent excuse, but we’re both ready to get plugged into a church. I’m glad we did. The chaplain from the Nashville Rescue Mission was there. So it continues…we make more money, and I’m pretty sure it’s just so we can give more away. šŸ™‚ Ministry to the homeless has never been something I’m passionate about, but we’re going to go with our friends Ray and Patti sometime soon. Maybe the passion would follow by being there and experiencing it.

The chaplain made a great statement: we’re all just two paychecks away from the rescue mission.

Two thoughts – yes, we almost all are, but I want to change that about our lives as well – thus the recent emphasis on short term disability, long term disability, and being debt free.

In the mean time, I wonder how many things about this cold-hearted right-winged republican are going to change in the course of the next year? All this doesn’t change one thing – poverty management is not the governments job – it’s the church’s. I’ve said that for years, but now I’m stepping up to be part of the solution. What are you doing besides keeping yourself out of the rescue mission?



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