Chel and I are in the middle of making some changes in our lifestyle. Our hearts have been pretty convicted in recent months (especially since The Call) about being a steward of the planet we’ve been given. These days we’ve got plenty of money to pay the bills, but learning to turn off the lights and unplug items we’re not using has become more and more important. We started the process of changing our our light bulbs yesterday. After a conversation with my brother-in-law this weekend, we’re about to start recycling. For those of you who do those things already, I’m sure this sounds elementary, but it’s part of slow steps we’re taking to making changes to our lifestyle.

The whole thing has been even more real as I’ve been reading about God commissioning Adam as the steward of the earth. We have that same role! I wish I was truly passionate about this, but these changes are just coming out of convictions we’re dealing with.

Tonight there was a two minute commercial on TV about starving children in 3rd world countries who just need $30/month followed by a commercial for a half-off $5,000 pool table. Oh, the irony! I hope the church continues to take on these issues in addition to the role of evangelism and discipleship.


3 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Hey guys!

    Glad I could be of assistance to you guys the other day. And glad you found my blog!

    I’m excited to see you guys making your changes in your life relating to the Christian’s responsibility to respect the earth. 2 years ago, I thought recycling had nothing to do with being a Christian…now, it’s a major part of our lives. I encourage you to continue searching for more ways you can walk with Christ. Just don’t expect it to all be easy. 🙂

    By the way, if you still sometimes have trouble relating recycling and little energy consumption to the Christian walk…try reading “Serve God, Save the Planet” by Matthew Leech. Great book…simple read, but profound call to action.


  2. Hey Matthew. It was good to see you guys (if just briefly) for the Christmas Service at FC. I’m praying God’s best for you in your transition. I know you’ll follow Him – you always have.

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