Ross Parsley

If I had to pick one of my all-time favorite worship leaders, I think Ross Parsley would be #1. I’d also love the opportunity to work for this guy – he’d kick my tail. Ross has been the worship leader for New Life Church (the name you may recognize from the recent shootings in Colorado) for something like 15 years. One of his first albums, Lord of the Harvest, is one of the cds my dad played over and over growing up. I think it’s still one of Chel’s favorite albums as well. This guy has done an amazing job of building a music ministry within their church. His leadership has led to the growth of Jon Egan, Glenn Packiam, and Jared Anderson and his ministry is responsible for putting out songs like I Am Free, Rescue, The Whole Earth, Amazed, and others. Here’s a video clip of one of their more recent songs:

Ross frequently speaks at Integrity events and writes articles for them. I had the chance to meet him a couple of years ago at the International Worship Institute. My dad and Bro. Bill spent a week at New Life a couple of years ago. This guy is passionate about teaching worship. I especially love that he focuses on the practical how-to’s of running rehearsals, the principles that the ministry is built on, the worship leader/pastor relationship, the pride that worship leader’s typically deal with, etc. After finding out he went to ORU, I was set that that was where I had to go to college, and then after that, I would attend the New Life School of Worship. God had other plans, but I’d still love to be under this guy’s leadership at some point. I’ve been up to New Life 4 or 5 times now – I even took our young adult ministry from FC up there at one point. If you’ve got some time, read some of the articles I’ve linked above – they’ll change the way you do ministry…


One thought on “Ross Parsley

  1. Right on – I’m a huge Ross Parsley fan as well. I met him as a Seminars4Worship conference where God really confirmed in my life the calling to lead worship. He was full of tons of wisdom and practicality and I quote him often.

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