Meet Brisbane

Brisbane is Chel’s new Australian Shepherd. Her sister has an aussie named Sydney, so she thought Brisbane would be a great name. It’s definitely a mouthful! He’s a beautiful, beautiful puppy! He comes from a championship bloodline, and he’s already very well-mannered. He’s been the hit with all the family! They love him! One of my cousins even decided his next puppy will be an Aussie. He’ll grow to about 40 pounds.


I had a moment last night at dinner that I was overwhelmed with emotion when I thought about how much God love us. Sometimes I have the strangest revelations at the strangest times – and this week has been one of those times. I’ve realized just how much God loves us because He gave us dogs. No, this isn’t meant to be one of those cheesy magnets dog-lovers put on their refrigerator. God created an animal and one of the main reasons was to act as a companion to humans. Brisbane already knows the voice of his “mom” and “dad.” He wants to be wherever we are – and he wants to love on us. Pretty amazing, huh? Was there anything God didn’t think about at creation? Is there any place where he lacks?


3 thoughts on “Meet Brisbane

  1. Karen R

    What a beautiful animal! Maybe Coop & I can use these pics to convince Daddy it’s time for another pet around here… :O)

    Congratulations, guys, and Merry Christmas!

  2. Robin

    I totally agree with you Matthew, I know that God created Dogs for a very special reason. Noah (our yorkie) had a very bad pinched nerve a while back, that the vet said he could not fix without surgery. Me and Brent layed hands on him every day and just kept saying Be healed in Jesus name and after a few long weeks he was healed and I have not doubt in my mind that the Lord healed my baby. It is amazing how close the get to your heart! Merry Christmas to both of you. We love and miss you both and can not wait to love on Brisbane.

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