I knew it!

My grandfather retired from Delta – I know better than to book a flight for the Friday before Christmas. I should’ve flown out last night or first thing this morning. They’re pushing back my flight, so it looks like I may have to get a rental car in Memphis to get to Pine Bluff tonight, but I’m gonna do it, one way or another.

Turns out that I’m going to be BUSY next week after we get home. I’m pretty excited about have 3 days off in the next two weeks, though.

Two things I love about travel: 1. Meeting new people 2. Experiencing new cultures. I promise, there’s a world of difference between the people in NJ and Arkansas. I try to enjoy it like going to a different country with different customs. I tried mussels this week for the next time – the next time I want a mouthful of pondwater and sand, I’ll go for a swim in the Cumberland. Our customers took us out for a nice dinner – gumbo, stuffed shrimp, and creme brule to top it off.

I’m ready to get plugged into a church. It drives me nutso to not be overcommitted to a church. It’s really good for me to have this time to learn and be pushed, but that’s always tough too.

Not much battery left and no one wants to share outlets, so I’m going to check out.



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