Not enough time?

There’s a direct correlation between training and employee performance. That’s the whole purpose of training – to improve performance. That’s why it blows me away when a company is willing pay a ton of money for development of materials that they really want to use to improve performance, but then they don’t have time to review the materials, give you resources, or work with me to develop the materials. My question is, can you afford not to budget time to help us develop these materials for you? Can you afford for your employees to screw it up and cost a couple of million dollars in a mistake that could cost lives?

I’m passionate about training. Yes, it’s what pays my bills, but I’ve seen that if I can offer you good training, you’ll be promoted and get pay raises as time progresses. Those opportunities translate into better opportunities for your children. I believe that through training, I can have an affect on your life, and for generations to come – that’s why I just want to do it right.



One thought on “Not enough time?

  1. Long time no speak bro! Glad all is well and that you guys have found a new church home! I definitely miss both of you and hope to see you very soon… I will call and we can set something up. On the church end a lot has happened, and I can not wait to share with you guys what God is doing right now… What a glorious God we serve! Well, talk to you soon! Adding you to my blogroll now, add if you want! I would love to be affiliated with you guys!

    tim kurek

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