Church Hunt: Week 2

We may have found it. We’re going to visit at least one more, but we may have found the church we were looking for. We got our socks challenged off during the message, and the first two songs from worship were To Deserve and My God (both songs we did at either FC or UC), and the rest were really great and the folks absolutely loved on us and welcome us. There’s a really ingrained culture there (which takes years to create), and I really think it’s going to challenge us as well as make us feel at home.

The struggle for us is going to be plugging in at a local church and getting under their spiritual authority while still doing some traveling to visit folks at home and lead worship for churches here and there. The other struggle is the distance – we don’t have a problem driving, it’s just hard to connect when you’re not a part of the local community – maybe they have connect groups in this part of town.

More to come later…



One thought on “Church Hunt: Week 2

  1. Somehow I did it. Not sure how, but while I didn’t live in Pine Bluff/White Hall, I felt like a part of the community. Like I should be living there. But that’s because people welcomed me into their homes for Sunday afternoons. Raylen felt like he was imposing, so he didn’t like it. Me, if someone invited me knowing full well I’d be there until the next church service, they meant it. It happens. It just takes time if you don’t actually live there.

    Well there was also a time I was in town there more than I was at home during the week. Sometimes just for social reasons.

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