Not Sure of Who You Are

So, we’re kind of at this awkward place of not knowing what place we’re in. We’ve been to a couple of functions at Oasis Worship Center here in Nashville and we’ve had lunch with Pastor Danny and his wife Pastor Jillian. We let them know we were coming to SOAK tonight and we weren’t ready for the welcome we received. The first guy we met told us he had made or place holders with our names, someone else overheard and let us know that it was her job to escort us tonight – whatever we needed. From there, she walked us to our seats and two other people who are close to Danny and Jill said they were excited to meet us and before we left, they handed us the set of teachings from the last message series. Our response, “thanks.”

It was overwhelming. These folks don’t have any need for us. I think Danny’s recorded 12 albums now. They’re not courting us about a position – they don’t have any. They don’t need us on the band – we heard about their new drummer who just finished playing with Kravitz. They just want to invest in us because we’re part of the kingdom. That was incredibly refreshing, but the whole “fuss” made over us was kinda awkward. We just came to chase after God – we didn’t know what to do with all of the attention. I really think that has to do with the fact that we really don’t know how to answer any questions right now – “yes” we’re pastors, no, we’re not pastors at a church right now. We don’t know where we’re going… we don’t know what it’s all about, we just know we want to chase after God. All that said, I really appreciate the hospitality we received tonight – it was absolutely amazing.



2 thoughts on “Not Sure of Who You Are

  1. Well, that’s nice! They want you not for what you can give them but what they can give you! Kind of hard on the type of people who need to give rather than receive, but take the blessing. 😀 Maybe it’s you’re “oasis” before another mission. I did intend the pun, but really. I feel bad I can’t remember who, but didn’t God give rest to one of his servants? Maybe you don’t feel you need one, but God knows whats next and knows when you need to take rather than give for awhile.

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