A – Huck – I – Be

I’m going to try not to invade my every posting with pro-Huckabee verbiage, however I did see a story that I thought was worth mentioning, and since he passed Giuliani as the number one Republican in the presidential primary race and he’s something like 5 points ahead in Iowa, I would celebrate with a story:

“His upset victory over Clinton-backed Nate Coulter in July of 1993 upset not only the pundits, but also the politicos in a state that has seen only one other Republican lieutenant governor in 100 years,” I wrote. “The Little Rock political machine is starting to realize there’s a wrench in the works: An entire second party, complete with candidates, balloons and the support of a small but increasing number of voters.”

…It wasn’t an easy fight, and it came to be symbolized in the marred surface of Huckabee’s office door.

When Huckabee won the lieutenant governor’s seat, the Arkansas Secretary of State ordered Huckabee’s office door nailed shut, out of partisan bitterness. Huckabee had to work from makeshift quarters in the capitol for 59 days until the “miscommunication” was resolved.

He also received regular tickets, at first, for parking in his own designated parking space at the capitol.

Chel and I were going to go to MN in September to be Huckabee delegates at the RNC, but we’ve got to have 150 signatures from Davidson County voters in something like 5 days… it looks like a no-go.

Go, Mike, Go!


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