Open Wide

I can’t find many of Suzy’s songs online, but here’s a sample:

Suzy Wills Yaraei was one of the worship leaders for Morning Star for a while. She has a very distinct tone on her voice, and visually, her style of leading can be distracting for some – but in the environment that she leads people in, those things usually fall to the side. Suzy does an amazing job of facilitating an environment of complete abandonment to the Lord – her cry to the Lord is for Him to “Open Wide,” but she does the same. There’s absolute freedom to worship God in whatever way you want.

I’ve always been known as the dancer. Bro. Bill mentioned it a few times at FC, Joe mentioned it a few times at UC. When I was in jr. high, I came to this point of wanting to let all of that stuff from my heart come out in whatever ways it could. If you never had the restraints of someone else’s thoughts or expectations on your worship – how would you worship? I know you worship at home and it’s reserved – but can you imagine doing some of the Hillsong stuff in a crowd of people with no one being able to see you – you’d probably let loose and try some of those dance moves. For all of you non-movers, you’d probably tap your toe, and for the toe-tappers, probably some bouncing, and for the bouncers, probably some dancing – and for the dancers, who knows. Watch a child dance and you’ll see that they do whatever comes to them – sometimes I wish our worship was more like that – less restrained, more like what we feel inside.

Make no mistake – you will look funny. I’m 6’3″, 275lbs. I’m what we call a “big ‘un.” My dancing has never looked graceful – but then again, it’s not for your visual stimulation. It’s me pouring our my heart before the Lord in the most child-like way I know how. Maybe your weekend service wouldn’t allow for that – but it never will if you never let it go there. There wasn’t much dancing or jumping or whatever you call it in FC when I was in jr. high, but I know that they would allow me freedom to express my heart the best way I knew how. Over the next 6 years, God would take our church through a transformation in worship. We didn’t run the aisles, we didn’t jump pews, we didn’t hang from chanadliers…we just worshiped. Our dancing didn’t freak people out because we laughed the whole time we did it, we didn’t have that constipated look on our face like we were just trying to please God.

Are you abandoning yourself to Him through your actions during worship?



5 thoughts on “Open Wide

  1. Robin

    I am going to jump, dance and praise the Lord no matter how it looks to someone else. I feel like if someone has a true heart of worship, and feel the passion in the music they to will feel the dance and it will not look or feel funny to them. Love you guys!

  2. Jenny Hudson

    i love it. miss worshipping with you buddy. i bet chelsea LOVES how the guitarist worships. how fun. it feels a little stiff around the FC right now, but you know God will break it again and a new level will come forth. but oh, the waiting…

  3. And, there’s not much movement at all at the church Dave and I go to. (He insists on going there and he’s the husband…) There was a guest preacher and he had so much passion and joy coming from him. I wanted to clap or something, but I just smiled. Our regular pastor has passion too, but it’s a quieter passion. Not as emotional. Well he is. But the emotion coming forth last Sunday was centered around Godly (or something Christian sounding) Weeping.

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