First Church Visit

We made our first church visit today. I HATE visiting churches, especially small ones. Chances are that they’re going to point you out and draw everyone’s attention to you – and they did. I must say this – everyone, and I mean everyone – loved on us. I think it took 10 minute to our seats for all of the folks who wanted to shake hands and meet us. There were probably 200 folks at the contemporary service at the church.

I really enjoyed the service. The quality of the audio was really rough, but the band seemed pretty skilled. They aren’t high-tech at all, but it seems like they’re trying to take it closer. Their worship was genuine. They did one Christmas song, one hymn, and some newer songs. The worship leader had amazing pipes, she reminds me of a worship leader we used to have at FC. Walking away from there I know this – they’re passionate about changing their community and passionate about loving on people. Next weekend, the journey continues…



One thought on “First Church Visit

  1. 200 is medium my friend. You haven’t seen small until you see the amount of people we usually had in one home group sit in one auditorium about the size of the game room (at FC).

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