Worshipping Like Simeon and Anna

Culture changes over time. There are so many concepts throughout the Bible that no matter how hard we try to understand, we can’t. We don’t understand what it’s like to say that He’s my king. We try to put ourselves in that place and worship from that perspective, but we can’t. We try to understand what it’s like to have a Lord (the word that the people of King James’ day used to translate the role of our God), but we’ve never had that, so we can’t quite get there. We try to understand the Messiah is, but we haven’t spent our lives looking for Him.

I’m sure there are others out there who see things a little differently, but for most of us, we’ve grown up in a “Christian” nation and in “Christian” homes. We’ve searched for what would fill the gap and most of us are thankful for the peace and joy that Jesus has brought into our lives. We’re thankful for the opportunity to experience His presence, but I’m praying that this month, I’ll be able to worship like Simeon and Anna did. Take a look at their part in the story in Luke 2.

Both Simeon and Anna were looking for the savior. They were eagerly anticipating. Anna had been waiting for decades – fasting, praying, staying in the temple and then she saw Him. Can you imagine the absolute anticipation she was in and can you imagine how she rejoiced when she saw the fulfillment. The closest thing I can think of today is that we wait 45 years for retirement. We live in a day and time where we can almost completely self-satisfy. We can become whatever we want – we can achieve whatever we want. We wait desperately as we save up for new guitars or the 3 days it takes for it to get to our home once we order it.

Can you imagine the intensity that Simeon praised God with when he held Jesus in his arms. Can you imagine the intensity with which Anna rejoiced when she saw the fulfillment of the prayers she had sent to God for 60-70 years? I’m praying that this month, I’ll rejoice like they rejoiced when they saw the Messiah. I’m praying for a supernatural revelation for that amount of excitement about meeting Jesus. I’m asking for a measure of thankfulness during this season of my life that I’ve never known before. I want to be moved to prostrate myself before him, dance and rejoice, sing loudly, cry quietly, and worship and praise like Simeon and Anna probably did upon seeing Jesus.



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