It’s been an intense couple of days, but I finally have time to sit down and blog. We just came off of 5 days of vacation in Branson, MO and 5 days at home with our parents celebrating family and Thanksgiving.

We visited my Papaw Daniel on Friday morning – I’m afraid that spending time with him is like looking into the future of who I’ll become. He’s a happy guy – so happy that he’s overwhelming to be around – a ball of energy! My dad and I laughed hard! We went back to his office in LR and worked for a while and then had lunch together. Awesome dinner and cards with Rich and Shannon on Friday night, took mom to lunch on Saturday, and then to FC on Saturday night. We were hugged more on Saturday night than I think we’ve been hugged in 3 months. Our folks loved on us like you wouldn’t believe! Actually going to church on Saturday night was really tough because we feel like failures after everything the church poured into us – but as we told people about our “transition,” they asked us to come home (lol) and encouraged us to keep praying about what God wants us to do (and they’d do the same).

We overslept on Sunday morning and hit the road quick to drive back to Nash. We drove in the rain (3 people died on I-40 in a car accident a couple of hours after we drove through) and I had to be at the airport within 2 hours. My flight out was late, but security was actually a breeze – the airport was dead. I made it to the hotel around 11:30 last night and kicked off the morning with meetings and challenges (problems). I’m just now sitting down to relax, and I think I’m heading off to bed soon.



One thought on “Catch-Up

  1. drama girl

    Hey friend, don’t ever feel like a failure. As long as you are following God, wherever He leads, then there is no way you can fail. We love you guys so much, remember that. <><

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