Cave Expedition and Go-Karts

Chelsea didn’t remember ever riding go-karts, so I took her. It’s usually too cold for the go-kart places to stay open, but it was 75 degrees yesterday, so it was plenty warm enough. I kicked her tail most of the race, but I let her win at the end :). We played some ski-ball and then grabbed lunch. We went back to SDC. There are some days that I’m not so sure I don’t want to move into the hills where life is so much slower. I love modern conveniences, but sometimes I’m not so sure that the simplicity of life in the hills is better – like I said last week, coming up here always makes me think a lot. Back to the surface for air…we’re having a great time.
I think I heard the nativity story at least 6 times over the course of my two days at SDC. They’re all about making sure people know why they celebrate Christmas. They even have a church service in a chapel on site on Sundays.

We took a tour of the Marble Cave, of course there is no marble, but we had a good time. If you’ve never had a chance to tour a cave, it’s an amazing thing. Marble Cave is not near as impressive as Blanchard Springs Caverns in Mtn. View, AR, but it’s still pretty cool. This is Chel pretending she’s a bat, trying to scare the children.

We also took a train ride on an actual train and saw all of the lights from around the park (4M total).
Today is our anniversary, so we’re hanging out at the condo today, we’re going to Branson Landings (gigantic outdoor mall) and having Landry’s Seafood for dinner tonight.



6 thoughts on “Cave Expedition and Go-Karts

  1. Randi Smith

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YOU TWO….you guys are definatley 2 of my most favorite people EVER…..i’m so glad you’re having a great time…you deserve it…..i love the pix…i don’t get to “see” either of you enough….hope to catch you a bit during thanksgiving….much love and hugs R.

  2. Randi Smith

    P.S. i absolutely CANNOT believe that Chels has never ridden go-karts…..what about bumper cars???? she is so very deprived…lol…R

  3. drama girl

    Happy Anniversary to you both. I remember when Chelsea came down the aisle and you began to cheer and clap , it was the best wedding I’ve ever attended. love ya

  4. I have a weird tiered dream for where I want to live. It’s of course changed with Dave’s preferences. Now I find myself unable to wait until we can move into a Condo (preferably a high rise). Not sure if I want it to be down town or outside of town a bit. But I look forward to the sophisticated life it would have (and still cheaper than buying an actual lot house). I like that maintenance is going to be taken care of and no yard.

    However, I would like a lot and a house in a suburbia type place… I could hire some neighbor kid to mow the lawn… but while that’s the typical family dream, not quite ready for it yet.

    I also would love to live a little further from civilization. Somewhere in the Rockies. But it would need to have the modern anem… stuff we enjoy here. It would also be nice if I could build lots of houses for all our family and friends.

    We could create a little village… and call it…

    Little Village.

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